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Discount Bedroom Sets

Your bedroom should be a source of relaxation from the word go. That’s why we make decorating your sanctum easier than ever here at Rooms To Go Outlet. We offer 5, 7 and 8 piece matching discount bedroom sets for you to peruse, so all you have to do is pick out the affordable pre-packaged combination of beds, dressers, mirrors, nightstands and media chests and then take your new furniture home. Since we pull our inventory from warehouse overstock and gently used floor samples, you won’t even have to dip into your rainy-day savings to pay for these glamourous and hassle-free sets.

Just because our discount bedroom sets cost you less doesn’t mean we compromise on quality or sophistication, either. In fact, our inexpensive pieces are so diversely stylized, we dare you to walk through a Rooms To Go Outlet location and not find a discount bedroom set that appeals to your exact tastes. We carry affordable beds in every style on the market, from poster to sleigh, from panel to canopy and everything in between. We also have sets in every available finish, so you have your choice of countless natural wood tones, calming creams, bold blacks or wonderful whites. Indulge your lavish side with extravagantly crafted headboards and uniquely shaped mirrors or opt for simplicity with classic lines and smooth silhouettes.

Since our sets are always on sale, you won’t have to feel bad treating yourself to all the luxurious design features. From felt-lined drawers perfect for your delicates to slide-out trays that help you organize your jewelry, our furniture is designed with convenience in mind. Your ideal bedroom is no longer just a distant dream. Visit a Rooms To Go Outlet store to pick up a discounted bedroom set and make nightly relaxation your reality.

Select from Many Assorted Colors and Styles
King Bed Set
King Bedroom Sets
Select from Many Assorted Colors and Styles
Wood Queen Bedroom Set
Queen Bedroom Sets
Select from Many Assorted Colors and Styles
Mixed Metal & Wood Bedroom Set
Metal Bedroom Sets
Select from Many Assorted Colors and Styles
Wood Dresser with Mirror
Dresser Sets with Mirrors